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The Collected Archives

David’s first two solo albums: David Edwards and Get the Picture, plus more than 40 minutes of previously unreleased material: new songs, demos recordings, and live performances.

Song Listings

Disc 1 (David Edwards)

Best Friend

Rather Be Wrong

Commercial Suicide

Nagging Optimism

Hollywood High

The Getaway


Disposable Love

The Tongue Is A Fire

Don’t Ever Say

Not Going To Fall Away


Bonus Tracks

Part of Yesterday (demo)

You Got Me Now (demo)

Disposable Love (unmixed rough track)

Nagging Optimism (unmixed rough track)

Tongue Is a Fire (unmixed disco version)

The Feeling Part (Live at Greenbelt)

Commercial Suicide (Live at Calvary Chapel)

Disc 2 (Get the Picture)

Anything But Love

Someone To Trust

The Feeling Part

Watch Over Your Heart

How Could You Throw It All Away

Break The Big One

Put Me Down

All I Want

True Confession

Girls Like You

A Fool’s Condition

Song Of Wholeness

Bonus Tracks

Befriended (demo)

Hope Lies Still (demo)

Friend Of Old (demo)

By The Way Of the Sea (a “new” Christmas song)





The Fractured Archive

Due to a manufacturer‘s error, we have a limited number of copies of The Collected Archives that are missing disc 2, so if you’d like a copy of only disc 1 (see above for contents) at a great price, here’s your chance.


The Collected Archives: Twin-Pack

Buy one, get another for just $4.00 extra. Give one to a friend!


ET Art
Emotional Tourist: A Steve Scott Retrospective

Studio Edwards is pleased to be able to offer this career-spanning CD from the like-minded Steve Scott.

“Thinking person’s Christian rock by Christian rock’s thinking person,” Jerry Wilson wrote in a review of “Emotional Tourist” when it was released in 2012. This disc explores the many sides of British poet/musician Steve Scott, from his most popular songs to his most experimental. It begins with a Larry Norman-produced garage band version of “Different Kind of Light”, later covered by the 77s on their debut album. The next eight songs have a sort of ’80s new wave vibe, and are collected from various sources, including alt versions and lost tracks. “Love in the Western World” is remixed from Scott’s critically-acclaimed 1983 album of the same title, and “Ghost Train” was a crowd favorite at Chicago’s Cornerstone Festival.

The last six tracks are taken from Scott’s spoken word over music albums. Some are drawn from Scott’s continuing series of poetry/travelog journals collectively known as “The Boundaries”. Steve comments on each song in the included eight page booklet. For fans of Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Daniel Amos, David Edwards, Mark Heard, Mike Knott, Bruce Cockburn, Dann Gunn, and the Choir.


Twin Art
The Collected Archives + Emotional Tourist: Twin-Pack

Order both The Collected Archives and Emotional Tourist and save!


DTL Book Art
Dreams, Tales & Lullabies Songbook

Simple piano arrangements of the songs, along with lyrics, chords, and program notes in a printed, comb-bound book.


DTL Book Art
Dreams, Tales & Lullabies Songbook, PDF Download

Simple piano arrangements of the songs, along with lyrics, chords, and song notes in a downloadable pdf file.

Note: The even numbered pages are slightly skewed because that is the way they are in the original.

Out of Stock

Dreams, Tales & Lullabies

Pop songs with a chamber orchestra! Inspired by George MacDonald and C.S. Lewis with lyrics based on specific stories by those authors.